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Nicor Oil


Lubricant Agent in Taiwan
Nicor Oil and Supply Co., Ltd


Exclusive distributor of Italian Petroleum - IP 、Sunoco and Germany SRS lubricants in Taiwan.


Products: motor oils, gear oils, ATF, additives, car care products, coolants/antifreezes, brake fluids and industrial oils.



IP Lubricants

Italian Petroleum - IP

Together since 2005, today's IP and bees have reached a new milestone, thanks to the presence of a single major brand on the Net

It 'just this fact, for all drivers like you, a tangible sign of a new image, the more fresh and dynamic, with experience behind them made ​​of values ​​and tradition.

The modern dynamic IP, combined with the historical strength of the group bees make the new brand and an excellent example of a good Italian.

Discover the brand new IP, please come - http://www.gruppoapi.com

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SUNOCO Lubricants

Sunoco is an American petroleum and petrochemical manufacturer headquartered in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, United States, formerly known as Sun Company Inc. (1886–1920 and 1976–1998) and Sun Oil Co. (1920–1976). Sunoco is one of the largest gasoline distribution companies in the United States, with Sunoco brand gasoline being sold in over 4,700 outlets spanning 26 states. Since 2012, Sunoco has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Energy Transfer Partners, based in Dallas, Texas.


The Sunoco™ brand has no competition when both quality and price are taken into account.


Website: www.sunoilespana.com

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SRS Lubricants

Founded in 1860, SRS is the brand of the German Lubricants Refinery Salzbergen, founded back in 1860. Today it is one of the most modern refineries in the world.


Thanks to their top-notch technology and know-how, SRS products are guaranteed to be: Strong, Reliable & Second to None!


Website : http://www.srs-oil.de 

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BECHEM Lubricants BECHEM Lubricants

CARL BECHEM GMBH, founded in 1834, is one of the leading manufacturers of special lubricants and process fluids.


BECHEM develops, produces and sells high-quality special lubricants and process fluids for almost all industrial applications worldwide.


Website : http://www.bechem.de